How to Deploy a common Normal Word Template

In our small law office, we would like all users to be able to use a common Normal template which has been customized to modify standard Headings styles, as well as a customized multi-level numbering scheme.   How can we deploy the same Normal template to all users in our office?  (Individual Folders have been set up for each user under the "Templates" path in our file system).
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tmoore1962Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Create a network shared folder to contain your common template(s) i.e. \\server\ctemplates
make sure everyone has access to it.
Go into Word and go to options / advanced scroll down to the file locations button double click on the workgroup templates and browse to your network share.  Do this for all systems that you want to have the common templates.  You can also specify this location via Group policy but if you have a small office easier to do it on each machine.
ML_CBLLP_CanadaAuthor Commented:

We were headed in that direction as a solution, but some internet comments indicated that there might be problems not allowing each user to have their own template.  This response suggests to me that this is the reason why Microsoft offers both "user" and "workgroup" templates folders.
Yes, you will certainly will have problems if you share the Normal template:
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