Imagex deployment

I have my .wim file.  when i go into PE to put the image on a new pc, how do i create the 100mb system partition?  i already know to diskpart where i am putting the image.
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create a 100mb partition as c: (ntfs, active, label="system reserved")
create a second partition and assign letter d: (ntfs, label="windows").
apply the captured .wim onto drive d:
use "bcdboot.exe d:\windows" so the bios can find the installation.
when windows boots up the partition with windows is now c: and the former 100mb c: drive is  the system reserved partition with no drive letter.

or capture and apply the 100mb partition the same way as you did with the windows one, don't forget to make it active, but this way depending on the BIOS you may have to fix BCD store manually with bcdedit.

Note: when preparing a master wim image for future deployment I don't  use the 100mb boot partition, I make a network install from windows PE to an already formatted partition, boot files go to the same partition as windows, however this method requires bcdedit fix of device and osdevice entries on some motherboards.
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