Calculating RAM for an SCCM 2012 server


I need some help here. How can i calculate the needed amount of RAM for a dedicated SCCM 2012 server with about 700 clients? (this is a VM) With a dedicated SQL 2008 R2 DB on the same server only for SCCM.
i486dx266Senior DevOps ConsultantAsked:
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Check this out... its for 2007.. but it will give an overall idea about arch of SCCM and requirements and test results...
Pradeep DubeyConsultantCommented:
i486dx266Senior DevOps ConsultantAuthor Commented:
If i am to go by the SCCM 2007 documentation then i should be more than safe with 12GB RAM for a dedicated SCCM 2012 server serving about 700 clients (as it states 4GB RAM for serving 10000 clients)
It's important to set the SQL Max Memory Option for making sure the SQL Server EXE does not take the wohle available RAM. I think 4 GB is good to go, but better is 8 GBM RAM
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