Seeking debugger library / module for PHP

I'm looking for some kind of library or module that I can include in my PHP-based apps that allows for the displaying of robust debugging information at runtime.

To clarify -- I am NOT looking for any kind of plugin for an IDE that allows for debugging. I'm already aware of the ones that are available for PHP Eclipse, .. as well as IDEs that already have debugging functionality built in to them.  

What I AM looking for is some kind of PHP-based library that I can  Include in my PHP modules, .. and that displays comprehensive debugging info right in my PHP pages when the app is running in the browser.

Does anyone here know of any such library?  If so, .. what do you recommend?

- Yvan
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g3nu1n3Connect With a Mentor Commented:
This should be what you need:
egoselfaxisAuthor Commented:
Perfect -- exactly what we were looking for!

- Yvan
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