Issue logging on to Sonicwall firewall

I have a legacy Sonicwall Pro 3060.  It sits between a small SharePoint network and a cable modem (Cox Communications).  

The internal gateway address is  When I attempt to get to the logon screen which I believe I have done in the past, I cannot get to the logon page.  Explorer give me a standard "cannot display the webpage message".

I have tried both http and https

I can ping it however.

Any ideas on how to get in or what I am doing wrong?

You will love this: When I came in today the SP network was down.  No internet.  When I called Cox they informed me that not only was there an outtage but when I came up I would all new external Ip information!


That is why I need to get into the firewall.
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Syed_M_UsmanSystem AdministratorCommented:

i think by mitsake web administration are can try below

oldgaryAuthor Commented:
Ok I have moved on to starting this box on from scratch.

The instructions I have refer to a RESET button.....I cannot find it.  I have a vauge notion on newer models of thier being a red reset button..but they may be a false memory.

Anyone have an ideal?
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