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Im having some slight issues. I set up a laptop with Debian installed and loaded Ntop on it - a network monitoring software. i have a network with about 150 users, 5 access switches, 1 core switch and a ClearOS Box as the router. i want to have Ntop monitor the network traffic on the LAN. So i figured i would port mirror the ports to get this going.... well not the case as when i configured the core switch, i could no longer get to the Ntop Web interface to view those lovely charts. heres what i did:

monitor session 1 source ( source being the ClearOS ) interface fa0/7
monitor session 1 destination ( destination being Ntop ) interface fa0/8

any help would be greeeeeeeaaaattt............ :-)
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MattLightAuthor Commented:
after a little research and reading, found that i need to do a network tap - the most efficent way to capture traffic. to do this i had to use not a laptop but a workstation with two NIC's, eth0 to capture network traffic and eth1 for the management console or web interface.
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