Outlook 2010 - Can't attach files > "Initializing Places Processing" pops-up

I can not attach files when emailing or replying to an email in Outlook 2010. The pop up "Initializing Places Processing" occurs and does not go away. If you close it, it will crash outlook.

Same issue happens in Excel if you try and "open" or "Save As" a file.

Another Experts Exchange post mentioned to remove this update from the machine:
Microsoft OneNote 2010 (KB2589345) 32-Bit Edition

This did not work unfortunately.

Here's the other Experts exchange post... http://www.experts-exchange.com/Microsoft/Applications/Q_27845015.html

Any other things I can try would be great.

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Check to see you have office 2010 sp1 installed

Also try closing outlook
Re-open using
Start>Run>Outlook.exe /safe

Now try it here
if it works it will be an add in causing the issue
we can then look at disabling it
I tried this and it still happens.  It doesn't appear to be a add-in issue.  I read somewhere that this office live thing is now integrated in office 2010.  In 2007 and 2003 its was an add-in you could remove from the control panel.  I have tried all the things they mention in the other post http://www.experts-exchange.com/Microsoft/Applications/Q_27845015.html as well.  Still get this "initializing places" box that locks up office applications.
Try turning off one note if your not using it. it worked for me. The Blue N down by the clock. just right click and close it.
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