Global Address List not being updated in Outlook

In our organization we are running Exchange 2007 and currently testing Exchange 2010.  Only a few of us are using EX2010 at the moment.  Both are in the same active directory domain.

The Global Address List in Outlook is not being updated for me when we add new employees to AD/Exchange.  It does work for other employees (on both EX2007 and EX2010).  Is this an issue with my account, outlook configuration...?

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Simon Butler (Sembee)Connect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
First thing to verify is whether the problem occurs in OWA as well.
If OWA is ok, as it uses live information, then the problem may well be with the OAB.

If it works for other users it could be a corrupt OAB update. Shutdown Outlook and then look for anything *.oab and delete it. Then restart Outlook. That will force Outlook to download a full fresh copy of the OAB rather than incremental updates.

I've experienced this symptom when the offline cache gets large with 2003 and 2007. I've not experienced it with 2010 but I've switch jobs since then and I don't keep nearly as much email as I used to.

To test ... turn off offline cache and see if it resolves itself. If it does then you at least know it's cache related. You may be able to turn it back on and proceed without symptoms after as it will create a new cache.
mgcITAuthor Commented:
Thanks, this worked great.  OWA worked fine so I deleted the .oab files and then it worked fine.  I noticed the .oab files hadn't been updated for several months so I assume something was corrupt there.
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