SonicPoint NDR stops working every so many hours

I have 2 Dell PowerConnect 5524 switches with SonicWALL NSA 250M and 2 x SonicPoint NDR. I am only using the 2.4Ghz band, 5Ghz is disabled.

About every 10 hours both access points disapear, well the SSIDs do. The only fix is to re-boot them. As far as the management console is concerned the access points are still avilable and "operational".

durring the failure I've watched for signals with INSSIDer and the SSIDs will flutter in and out staying for only 2-3 seconds, not long enough for PCs see them as avilable. SonicWALL support is stumped.

The APs are using SonicWALL brand PoE injectors and are configured on thier own VLAN with X3 interface on the NSA 250M.

When the signal drops ALL clients drop at the same time. This is the only issue, singal strength is awesome, I have a 10 RF rating on both accesspoints (this shows little interference from othe signals).

Anyone have this issue? I am on the most current firmware.

Thank you hor any help!
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CanOfWormsAuthor Commented:
NO solution was found for this issue. The SonicWALL APs were replaced with EnGenius 350's and no further issues.

We are having the 'exact' same issue. Is there not indication at all as to what might be causing it? We have tried everything from updating the firmware, changing interfaces, resetting the SonicPoints, recreating the VAPs, with exactly the same results every time.

Thank you for any assistance with this.
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