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This is way off topic of most of the questions I ask, but I thought it couldn’t hurt to ask ( I hope ). So my question is has anyone successfully found "work at home" companies that are legitimate? I have worked on computers for about 18 years - so I thought in my spare time I could take help desk calls. I thought there wouldn't be much of a reason to go to an office for this type of work, why would it matter where I take the call?
Anyhow, there are so many scams out there for "work at home" companies that claim that you can make ridiculous amounts of money. I just need some extra income. So if anyone has come across legitimate companies I would appreciate it if you don't mind sharing these company's names.
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Brad BouchardInformation Systems Security OfficerCommented:
As far as most of the work at home companies that aren't IT related I can say that they are usually based off of some sort of pyramid scheme or something to do with building numbers.  I'd shy away from them.  As for IT what you should do is go here:

Simply search for some jobs that are in your skill area, then limit the searches to jobs looking for remote only work or workers who can work from home.  You will be AMAZED at how many you find.
Wow that's a pretty cool site, can't believe I've never heard of it until now!

I did a quick search and selected the telecommute option:

None were part time right now though, so you probably want to try different searches.
Brad BouchardInformation Systems Security OfficerCommented:
I believe there are some options to filter for part time, but yeah I'm relatively new to the site as well I just saw your post and thought you'd love it like I did.
dhsindyRetired considering supplemental income.Commented:
We have some people that work at home doing extra work, etc.  Also, we outsource excess work to other companies who work on our network.  And, we have had people work from home for extended periods.  But, our company is more traditional but getting more modern.

The companies are looking for good people and say they have a hard time finding them.  I would be more inclined to look in trade magazines, trade associations, rather than the internet.  My thinking is most companies want you in the office at least in the beginning.
JeffBeallAuthor Commented:
thanks for the help
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