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Outlook 2010 - Appointments have turned into Meetings

OK.  Bear with me here :)

I have an Exec who swears that 50% of the "Appointments" in his calendar have turned into "Meeting" format (with nobody invited).

This really annoys him, when he opens the items in his calendar.

Forget the why, where, how... I have now been tasked with turning all of these meetings back into appointments.  And have not got a clue how, or whether this is even possible.

Any ideas?!
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Couple thoughts here

Is this calendar in their Mailbox, or is it in a personal folder

Does the user have Cached Exchange Mode on?
If they do try turning it off, close and reopen outlook and see if it helps
The OST may have become Corrupt

If its in the personal Folder, Possible PST may have also become corrupt
You can try scanpst

If its not in a pst, if its not an ost issue, try opening the user mailbox in OWA
Are the appointments still the same?

Also try recreating the users profile or on another PC
Check to see if they are the same

If they are the issue is likely to be on the exchange or users mailbox on the exchange

You may not be able to repair it without recreating or restoring the mailbox
NinjadeAuthor Commented:
It is in the server mailbox, not PST.

Yes, they run in cached exchange mode.

I will test tomorrow whether the issue is the same:
a) in non-cached mode
b) in OWA
c) in a cached profile on a different PC

To be honest... Past my hometime already tonight, and this issue has already annoyed me LOL so I will test tomorrow and get back to you.
Fair enough

Friday here, will try and have a look on weekend
If not will catch up with you on monday morning (My MOnday)
Probably your Sunday, I would guess
NinjadeAuthor Commented:
OK, half way there
I tried to get away... Failed!

OK, the problem is consistent in OWA, out of cached mode, and on a different PC.

Like a freaking idiot, I just tested the big red "CANCEL INVITATION" button and it worked!


So, now I am wondering... Is there an easy way to filter/find any meeting types where nobody has been invited?

The "Cancel Invitation" button does not show on proper "appointment" types...  And it does not show on meetings whereby invitations have been sent (only the "Cancel Meeting" button shows).  It seems to show in draft meetings only.

So there must be something, a field somewhere, that programatically defines when that big old "Cancel Invitation" button shows.  I need to find every calendar entry with that value.  Does that make sense?
Not really

So basically what you have here are meetings/appointment that have not been sent

If this is the case its liekly the meeting organizer is going to be the user

To narrow it down in the calendar
Modify the View Settings to List

Now in the columns above
Right click on any one i.e. Subject locatation date ect ect

Now choose field chooser

Use the dropdown to go to ALL APPOINTMENT FILEDS

Drag over Meeting Status into the first or second column

Now arrange filed my Meeting Status

Scroll down to the Group of Appointments with Meeting status as: Meeting Organizer

Now go through these and see which ones you can cancel

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