Windows forms application Color Scheme colors

Hi Experts,

I have a Windows forms application where I'm using Infragistics windows forms controls.
I'm using VB as the language and Visual Studio 2010.

I read this article

The article mentions that I can change the color scheme from black to blue by changing this:

Infragistics.Win.Office2007ColorTable.ColorScheme = _

to this:

Infragistics.Win.Office2007ColorTable.ColorScheme = _

Can I put the color code for Blue or Black instead of the name?
What color code system does windows forms use?
Does it use the same color codes as HTML or WPF?
What would be the color code for black or blue?

I'm using to working with web applications not windows forms.

In html the color black is represented by the color code #000000
In html the color bllue is represented by the color code #000000

In WPF the color black is represented by the color code #FF000000
In WPF the color bllue is represented by the color code #FF0000FF

This where I get the wpf colors

Thanks for any help.
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I think the


enumeration would only have a predefined set of themes. What other options do you get there?
maqskywalkerAuthor Commented:
I'm not sure if I was clear but to rephrase my question:

In one of my windows forms the the Office2007Black theme was being used and it had a custom color added. The custom color had a code of this:    -6697729

I'm trying to find out what color this is.

I found this link on the internet that is also using this color.

Does anyone know what color -6697729  is?

Is this an RGB or CMYK color? or is there a chart where I can look up this color?

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