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i have several dbs that have the ability to open and send notifications through our outlook mail system to a prepopulated list of people as a result of pressing a cmd button to send the notifications.  I would like to set these to be sent based on date and time, like every friday at 8am or somehting.  Problem is, from what i have found, i can only send if the db is opened, but there are many times that they may not be opened on that specific day. How can i go about making these send automatically based on a date/time regardless of whether or not a user goes in and opens the db.  I'd like to remove as much of the manual process as possible.  
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IrogSintaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well you could always use Windows Task Scheduler to open the database with a command line argument to run a macro that starts the emailing procedure.  Here's a link to command line arguments you could use.  The one I think would for you is /x.
LadyHagoodAuthor Commented:
great. can this be used on a db stored on a network and used by many users?  Would this just be scheduled say on the admins pc?
I would create the scheduled task on a pc that will not be in use at the time.  It doesn't matter if the db is on a network.
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