Email alert on CPU utilization exceeeds 90%

Hi Friends,
For a windows server 2008 r2, can we have an email alert soon the CPU utilization exceeds, say, 90%.....
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Minesh ShahSharePoint & all about itAsked:
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Eric WoodfordSoftware Systems Specialist 3Commented:
Have you looked into Microsoft's System Center Ops Manager (aka SCOM)?

It would meet this need, plus alert on a million other things, drive usage, latency, email queues, etc.
Minesh ShahSharePoint & all about itAuthor Commented:
Hi Exchange9,

Thanks for ur advise, these were VERY GOOD material to go through.
The last link worked for me, i had to flip a bit for windows server 2008 r2 but that is okay.

Problem is this thing can run at max for a week.

This must work FOREVER & not a week or day.

So in future at time if CPU utilization reaches 90% same instance i should get an email saying cpu utilization exceeded..

Any idea....

May be a powershell script or something else...
Minesh ShahSharePoint & all about itAuthor Commented:
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