Windows 7 VPN IKEv2 connection problem

Hi, I am trying to create a VPN connection using IKEv2 to Windows 2008 R2 Routing and Remote Access Server.

I have setup the server and can successfully connect using a standard PPTP. However when trying with IKEv2 I get:

Error 13819: Invalid cerificate type.

I have been unsucessful so far to find much help on this issue. I understand it is possibly due to either the client not having a certificate or the server certificate is incorrect? Not sure which.

Either way I'm not exactly 100% sure how I create the right certificate for the client? I have Certificate Authority installed on the server. But can not find instructions on how to create the correct certificate for this scenerio, if indeed that is what I need to do?

Any help appreciated.
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zarokConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thankis for your comment asavah, yup found that, and I've now worked my way through this:

and am now getting a different error:

Error 13863: Invalid Situation

Very unhelpful error. Both Server and Win7 client have all updates.

Working my way through this thread:

Finally got to the bottom and now trying the official hotfix from MS. Will post results soon..
zarokAuthor Commented:
YAY, works! connected.

Anyone looking to do the same setup needs to follow the 2 links I posted above in detail.
zarokAuthor Commented:
My 2nd link provides the required hotfix needed and more detail for Systems with Win 7 SP1 installed and server 2008 SP1 installed.
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