intel rst service


I'm not sure since when but when I looked at task bar there was an icon saying intel rapid storage technology.

What is this?

And sometimes it changes to intel rst service not running and my system frozes.
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bigeven2002Connect With a Mentor Commented:

Intel Rapid Storage Technology is the software that manages and monitors the Hard drive  driver.  The app that runs in the task bar in your screenshot is the monitor program.

If it is closing unexpectedly and causing a freeze, you might try updating to the latest version if applicable:
bt1942Author Commented:
bigeven2002// Do you think its alright to uninstall? or should I update to latest version. which do you recommend?
From my experience, when I uninstalled it, the program safely left the driver intact (it informed me), but since this is an upgrade, there should be no issue in going the upgrade path.

If possible, please do a backup of your data beforehand just in case.
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