grey sata port


I'm currently using mobo from gigabyte. Model number is GA-Z77X-D3H.

As you can see the picture above, there are grey, black, white sata ports.
I know grey sata ports is for 6gb/s connectors, black one is for 3gb/s connectors.

But what is the white sata port

Also I installed my SSD to grey sata connector. Is this the right place to install.

Thank you for your help.
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The different colored ports are on different controllers.
White port is on the southbridge native sata controller.
Grey port is on separate Marvell 88SE9172 controller.
It's difficult to say which one is the best performance-wise without benchmarking.
According to the manual, the Grey port is GSATA3 (which is the same as SATA3, but controlled with a separate controller) and the other SATA3 (White) is controlled by the main storage chipset. They are both essentially SATA3.
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