Create second OWA site without Form Based Authentication

Hi Experts,

In my previous question I was figuring out how to get the OWA webparts in SharePoint 2010 to work.

Now i've got them to work, but the webparts show the OWA logon page. What I want it to show the mailbox or calendar directly, without having to logon first.

The comment i got on that question was "If you are using Forms Based Authentication on your primary site, you will need to create a second site in IIS and then add in the virtual directories using EMS, which doesn't have FBA enabled."

- How can i achieve this? Is there some kind of manual for this?

- Is this the only way? In WSS 3.0 i could create a content editor webpart and paste some code in it and it showed my inbox. Is that possible in SP 2010 as well?
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Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
Create a new web site in IIS manager.
Then use new-owavirtualdirectory to create the VD.

You may have to create the web services directory as well.

SvenIAAuthor Commented:
Thanks Simon!
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