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Im pretty sure this whole issue is due to our office on the other side of the planet is using iCalendars i could be wrong and it could be that the MD here is using Apple devices when we run Microsoft Everything.  

UK Staff: Exchange 2010, All Users run Outlook 2010

Overseas Workers: Use external email providers in Sri Lanka and we have contacts set up so they appear in our exchange phonebook with forwarding set up to their external email address. hopefully someone can provide me with some technical information as my MD is getting the attached screen shots.

Is there anything that we can do at any stage in the uk or inform our overseas guys to do when responding to email invites.

I need an explanation and some direction? how if can these technologies integrate obviously im aware that Microsoft and Apple are hardly bosom buddies.

As always thanks for your responses in advance and questions i'm here all day.

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FMabeyConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
"Code2 does a nice job of duplicating new Calendar items in Outlook to an iCloud Calendar program, and then allowing iCloud sync to move those to the cloud where the Calendar item can sync with an iPhone.

BUT if you accept an Outlook meeting request, and Code2 Sync duplicates that to the iCloud folder and to iCloud, several problems result:

1.  The meeting will carry all the addressees from the original invitation

2.  iCloud will treat this as a NEW meeting request that YOU generated, and will SEND invitations to all of the original addressees

3.  This iCloud generated invitation will come from a "no-reply" address at You won't know it's been sent unless one of the addressees contacts you and says something like "what's up"?

4.  If you then try to delete the duplicate meeting in iCloud folder, or if the originator deletes or changes the invitation and you accept the change in Outlook 2010 Calendar, Code2 Sync will duplicate that action in the iCloud folder ... it will be pushed to iCloud ... and iCloud will broadcast that change or deletion to all the original addressees.
5.  You will have people telling you to stop cluttering and confusing their Outlook ... and a few other choice words in many cases"

The only solution to prevent these emails constantly being sent out by users iCloud is for user to be sent the details of the meetings manually and him generate his own outlook appointments so it can successfully sync without having all the information of the other attendees.
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