Existing and inserting MS ImageList failure - OLE server isn't registered or There is no object in this control


I have used fequently MS active-X controls with few problems. Suddenly the Image List control (SP6 version) fails to work or it is not possible to add it to a form.

Existing forms with existing ImageList controls has the following error message then it is open for design: There is no object in this control.

If I try to add an ImageList control to a blank database and a blank form the error message is: The OLE server isn't registered.

The treeview control (same SP6) works fine both existing and adding.

I have never had any problems like this and it is only on one of the two PCs which has the same Office and WinXP versions.

Thanks in advance

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Have you checked version of mscomctl.dll?
Read also this:
Any ActiveX controls is a big problem after Microsoft's security updates. Ma be you don't need them at all?
I have an article with example of form with images:
Images on continuous forms
BAndersConsultantAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I need the imagelist for the treeview control.

Both PCs are updated and running the same version, still works on one of them but not the other one. My customers use the mde version and it works fine if develop on the working PC, but I would like to use the other one since it ha much larger screens.

Thanks for the comment - I might use it in another application
Scott McDaniel (Microsoft Access MVP - EE MVE )Infotrakker SoftwareCommented:
Also understand that almost every ActiveX control is not certified for use in the Access environment, regardless of who authors that control (i.e. the controls from MSFT are no more compliant than any other control). While they may work fine on your machine (or on many machines), you'll ineviably encounter machines where they just simply refuse to operate.

In other words, if you need to use UI items like Treeview and such, you might consider moving to a more compliant environment.

Also note that newer versions of Access are increasingly less tolerant of ActiveX controls, so it would be a good idea consider this as you move forward.
BAndersConsultantAuthor Commented:
No problems since I have used the linked info
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