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Can i get more than 254 IP addresses with a Draytek? or do i need a seperate DHCP server?

I have never used the following eqipment so it is all new. I am trying to put in a wireless network that 400 may need to use going up to 600users for light browsing on phones etc. I have 10 Netgear WNDAP360 already with a Netgear WMS5316 management device. This is linked to a Draytek 2830n. I need to be able to assign more than the stndard 254 block of IP's. - / 252 would give me 1022 addresses. Can i use a 172 address?

How or can i do this with the Draytek 2830n and using a class b range for internal use? will the draytek know or will i have to deploy a DHCP server? can you set the WMS5316 as a DHCP server? Can i use the following?
Router IP: /
DHCP: would the dhcp know to issue after 0.254?
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Yes you could use /22 this would give you the 1022 available addresses, Network Address - Available IP Range Broadcast Address

on your draytek router you have to enable dhcp services and create a dhcp scope. click on the link below and go to the Configuration  (DHCP) section for instructions on how to set up a scope.

So change your config to:
Router IP would be /
DHCP Scope: -

VBOSSAuthor Commented:
Hi thank you this is exactly what i wanted.
VBOSSAuthor Commented:

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