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I have a worksheet where I have drawn a Group Box on it. However I want to format the text to be bold & the borders a different colour. Is this possible? As the properties seem very limited. I am happy to use VBA if this is the only way to format the Group Box.

Ideally trying to copy to Frame that you would use on a useform.

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NorieVBA ExpertCommented:
I don't think it's possible to change those properties of the Group Box.

I've looked through all it's properties and there's nothing there that works.

It's really just a container for other controls.

Have you tried using an ActiveX Frame?

Was that what you were referring to when you mentioned using VBA?
mcs26Author Commented:
Thanks for the reply imnorie.

I've decided to use an ActiveX Frame in the end. Believe your right in saying that you cannot change the properties I was trying to change.
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