corrupt PST file within OUTLOOK 2010

I've kept attempting to map a PST file and when I do, I receive a message that states that the PST is not available.  Would it be safe to assume that I may have a corrupt PST file?  If so, how can I resove this issue?  Someone mentioned to run a SCANpst utility but not quite sure how to run.

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apache09Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Just because you cant map outlook to a PST does not nesissarily mean its corrupt

It could still be open by another process, it could be open in another users Outlook Profile

You could be trying to access a PST over a Network

Copy the PST to Your Local Drive
If you cannot Copy the PST
Its likely the PST is still open
If this PSt is used by someone else, you will need to make sure they close out of it
Then restart their PC to make sure any connections in the background are gone

Then Copy it

Once copied to your Local Drive, Now try to open it

If you still cant open in your outlook profile
Make sure that you dont have alot of PSTs open yourself
CLose any or all if you can
Then try to open it

If it still says it cannot be opened
POssible its corrupt

Right click on it and have a look at the size

If its close to
2GB for an outlook 97-2000 PST
20GB for Outlook 2003-2007 PST
50GB for OUtlook 2010 PST

They will be at their maximum sizes

Another sign of corruption is if the size is super small like 80-100Kb
or rstudio of scan pst fails
Neil RussellTechnical Development LeadCommented:
What is the exact message you get?
Make sure it is NOT a read only file and that you have full read/write permissions to the file.
First of all, make a backup of your PST file is the most important thing.

Then, try to use scanpst to scan your PST file, below is a step-by-step guide:

Then if scanpst still cannot solve your problem, try other tools, below is a list
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