Migrate FTP sites from IIS 6 to IIS 7.5

We have an old FTP server running on IIS 6, we need to migrate it to a new server running  IIS 7.5. Is there a tool to help me achieve that?
Will msdeploy work to copy FTP sites?
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Christopher KileConnect With a Mentor Commented:
After further research, I'm afraid I must confirm not only that msdeploy won't deploy FTP sites, but it appears no other tool exists to do it, either.  This thread from forums.iis.net addresses that very question, and gives that answer.  The main problem appears to be the new metabase used by IIS 7.5.  Sorry I don't have better news for you.
Christopher KileCommented:
tirizarAuthor Commented:
From what I've seen MSDEPLOY will copy websites but not FTP site. In this case it is an FTP server, no websites to copy.
tirizarAuthor Commented:
Well, that confirms it. Thanks, at least there are not many FTP sites.
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