Outlook 2010 - Slow Response Reading Email

Windows 7 X64 - Office 2010 Professional

In Outlook I have a user who when they go to click within their inbox Outlook hangs. It eventually will open the email but after a good wait. Have tried recreating the user's mail profile and repairing Office. None of these have worked.

Please advise.
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1st check that sp1 is installed

Otherwise have seen this before with PCs on a Network
If they have mapped drives, Shortcuts in their My Documents, or Mapped Printers that are broken or cannot be connected to outlook is slow to respond when checking mail, creating a new mail item, or adding/saving attachements

Check to see if the user has any of these, and remove the connections if they are no longer valid

If they are require be sure to re-map the sources for the user

If that doesn help
CLose outlook and open using
Start>Run>Outlook.exe /safe

Try it here
If it doesnt do it here, its going to be an add in causing the issue for the user

We can then look at disabling the specific add in
Brian HarringtonIT ManagerCommented:
Are you running outlook in Cached or Live mode?  If you are running in cached it should be quicker as a copy of the mailbox is stored on the local drive.  In live, you are requesting the entire mailbox from the server on load.
Dear Helping_Almac,

How many pst files have been added to your outlook and what is their size ?

It happens basically because of the overlimit size of the outlook emails and pst files.

Also, look into this KB article and let us know the results.


Helping_AlmacAuthor Commented:
Thank you - this was actually an add-in that was deployed that was causing the issue.
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