"Right click" key on keyboard

On a full size PC keyboard there's a button along the bottom row, a few to the right of the space bar which opens a "right click" context sensitive menu.

I use it all the time, but don't know its name.

I've just got a new Lenovo Thinkpad, and to my horror, it doesn't have that key!

I'm sure that there used to be a SHIFT+F10 or SHIFT+F11 shortcut that did the same as that key, but either I dreamt that, or it no longer works.

Can anyone help?
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According to this page, Alt + space bar also works, at least in XP.  I found that it does on my desktop machine, which has Windows 7, also.

Christopher McKayMicrosoft Network AdministratorCommented:
Shift +F10 is the shortcut for a keyboard that doesn't have the dedicated key.

If it's not working on your computer, it may have a different layout for the keyboard. Can you tell us what the make and model is for the system?


Normally SHIFT+F10 should bring up the context sensitive menu
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The key is called the "menu" key;  And Shift+F10 works find on my pc (which is a desktop machine.)
You could try pressing Ctrl + Shift + F10 instead of just Shift + F10, to see if that works.
It can also be in a different location... on my Dell it's on the top row next to the PrntScrn key.

Context Menu Key
RedLondon--F Lock has to be ON when you press Shift+F10.
RedLondonAuthor Commented:
Thanks all.  I have a Lenovo Thinkpad X131e

It doesn't have the dedicated key, and the function keys are real function keys (no lock to enable them - their secondary function with the mauve coloured Fn key modifier is the one that needs the extra keypress, so F4 is F4 etc).

You're right though, Shift+F10 works.  It doesn't seem to work in Chrome though, which is where I was trying it and would use it most of the time.    It works in pretty much every other program though.
RedLondonAuthor Commented:
Oh I just saw your message LeeTutor, ALT+Space works, even in Chrome

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