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ASP.NET display problems in Firefox


I have an asp.net page and need to make display properly in IE and Firefox.  It display fine in IE but has some display problems when display in Firefox.  

1) what is the best way to make it work in both.
2) What are the steps I have to follow to make it display in both corrrectly?

Thank you!!!
4 Solutions
Are you using any ActiveX controls, or just native ASP.net?

Most problems are HTML rendering and not ASP related.
Julian HansenCommented:
The solution set is almost infinite on this one. We can't answer this without seeing your site.

This is usually a styling issue rule of life - IE Sucks.

What I do is build in FF / Chrome first - then think about making it work in IE.

Having said that - get Firebug for FF and then use the inspect element functionality to go in and play with the css of the elements that are not behaving.

But basically it is grunt work.
Rad1Author Commented:
Is there a good youtube you can point me to that shows how to inspect and fix css code?
Julian HansenCommented:
Is there a good youtube you can point me to that shows how to inspect and fix css code?
I don't believe there is one that will solve your specific problem - this requires CSS knowledge and experience.
If you post a link to your site we can possibly help otherwise you will need to examine the CSS yourself (or employ someone)
as @julianH suggested, we need your site link to see your problem. But here is the getting started guide for Firebug that will make u to understand about it.


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