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We are moving away from barcode scanners as a method of authentication for our electronic database resources. Some of our service desk areas used a barcode scanner to input the user's identification. Because a new system, which will use LDAP, will access the user information I am researching alternate input methods. Is there a (preferably handheld) device that can read and fill a computer text field with alpanumeric data, and if so can anyone positively recommend such a device? I would guess that device would need some kind of OCR capability and a way to link it to the computer as a keyboard wedge. Thanks.
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kode99Connect With a Mentor Commented:
There are a number of pen scanners on the market.  Some do allow you to directly connect to the computer will operate like a keyboard wedge with the drivers installed.

Here's a couple I know of,

First the Irispen,  this is a connected only unit - its fast and meant to be used for the sort of thing you are likely looking at.  The OCR is done on the computer,  it also scans bar codes so if you needed it for old documents still on that it would work.

Wizcom's units do the ocr in the pen so its slower.  Not sure if all of them can be connected directly to work to input text into any app but the one I linked does.  Kind of interesting as it displays text on the actual unit.

These are for printed text,  though the 'execute' iris model says it can do some handwritten stuff,  no idea how accurate that would come out.
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