Asterisk voicemail

Ubuntu 11.04, Asterisk 1.8
I am 'meddling with things I don't understand', I know, but…I'm trying to get Asterisk to send out emails for voicemail notifications, (I don't care about mp3 attachments), the voicemail.conf is ok, but the email's not going out.
I simply ran an 'apt-get install sendmail', but I can't find out what configuration needs to be done for the mail server? (and) How does asterisk know which mail server/credentials to use? I can't see it in any docs anywhere.
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grbladesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Asterisk will just talk directly to the local sendmail program so it does not need credentials. Normally the only thing you need to configure in sendmail is the smart-host which is the mail server sendmail should relay all mail through. If you don't configure it then it will try sending mail directly to the final recipient which may get caught by spam filters.
If you look in the /var/log/maillog file (or similar as I don't use Ubuntu) at around the time the voicemail was left you should see what happened to the email.
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