Server 2k8 on Hp Proliant ML350

Hi, I'm looking for some basic assistance trying to get my server to connect to the internet after doing a fresh install of win 2k8. Domain role is added already.
Gave it a static but doesn't make a different. I have it going through an HP procurve  GB switch. I can't even see other devices on the network.
I think it might be a dns issue. Have tried several things I got from online but after toiling for 10hrs I'd like to get some help.

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A couple things, can you ping the gateway IP address?  You mentioned giving it a static  address, do the subnet, gateway, match the other clients on the switch?  Since this is a domain role, it should be pointing to itself for DNS, which ever IP address you gave it or  Don't specify an alternate DNS.

Also, for internet, you can setup DNS forwarding which is recommended so your own DNS does not have to resolve internet addresses.  You can use your ISP's DNS servers.
nomaadicAuthor Commented:
Hey bigeven2002... I accepted the wrong thing and the question is closed but I'd appreciate so more help since you received the points already if you don't mind :-)

I get  destination host unreacheable when pinging the gateway
Certainly.  Unreachable could mean a couple things, one hardware, or two, software.

First, before you gave it the domain role, did you have access then?  

If not, then it may mean a hardware issue, on the back of the server where the cable is plugged in, do you have a link light that is blinking?  If it is not blinking, that means either a bad cable, bad port in switch, or the card is disabled in BIOS or device manager.

Software, it may be a driver issue with the network card, or it may be the network card speed settings.  The speed setting should be set to auto detect.  If it is a different setting like 1000 full duplex, it may be incompatible with the switch if the switch does not support full duplex.

I will be back on later tonight to check for responses.  Thanks!
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