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Powershell that compairs folders

I'm putting together a power shell that compares two folders, but I'm having a bit of trouble getting it do to what I want.

What I"m looking to do is compare folder A with folder B and list all the files that are different.  In the list would be the folder location, file, and date/time stamp.  So it would look like :

Folder A                 Timestamp                        Folder B                  Timestamp
c:\temp\file.txt      9/15/2012/ 7:11 AM         x:\some\file.txt      9/15/2012/ 8:04 AM

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Dale HarrisCommented:
I believe the meat and potatoes can be found in this article I wrote a while back:

Good luck!

QlemoC++ DeveloperCommented:
You should think it is an easy task with PowerShell - but it isn't.
Using associative arrays (hash tables), we can say
$folderA = 'C:\temp\ee\tst\1'
$folderB = 'C:\temp\ee\tst\2'
$files = @{}
Compare-Object (gci $folderA) (gci $folderB) -Property Name, LastWriteTime |
% { 
  if ($files[$_.Name] -eq $null) {
    $files[$_.Name] = New-Object PSObject -Property @{FolderA = ''; FolderB = ''; TimeStampA = $null; TimeStampB = $null}
  if ($_.SideIndicator -eq "=>") {
    $files[$_.Name].FolderA    = $folderA + '\' + $_.Name
    $files[$_.Name].TimeStampA = $_.LastWriteTime
  } else {
    $files[$_.Name].FolderB    = $folderB + '\' + $_.Name
    $files[$_.Name].TimeStampB = $_.LastWriteTime
$files.GetEnumerator() | select -ExpandProperty Value | select FolderA, TimeStampA, FolderB, TimeStampB

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But, honestly, I for myself would prefer an output looking like
filename   inA   TimeStampA            inB    TimeStampB
--------   ---   ----------            ----   ------------
tst1        x    01/01/2000 01:02:03   
tst2        x    01/01/2000 01:02:03    x     01/02/2000 03:04:05

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as repeating the file path for each file does not add any information.
Mach03Author Commented:
Qlemo, you are amazing!  That scripts works way better than I ever could have imagined!

Thank you!  Thank you!
Mach03Author Commented:

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