Migrate OSX user profile from one user account to another

Experts: is there any way to migrate an OSX users's settings cleanly from one user profile to another so that the doc will end up looking the same, profile files are there, program preferences, like for Adobe and other programs remain in tact etc . . .  Is that possible?  If so how?

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You can not merge User accounts autmatically.

If you use Migration Assistant, you can create an exact clone of a "User" from Mac1 to Mac2. But if you have a UserA on Mac1 and UserB on Mac2,  you cannot automatically merge the two. You could have UserB and then UserA on Mac2 and then manually merge the two users by moving necessary files one direction or the other.

As far as apps are concerned you actually can merge the apps from different Macs onto one Mac using the Migration Assistant.
schnibitzAuthor Commented:
Thank you.  What about migrating the settings from one user to another on the same Mac?
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