my web app has Resource.resx there for my website name convention. everything works just fine. I have Lblcompany as name and "test" as Value

Now, I have separate wcf project and I added the my web app reference there.
my questions. how can I call the content from the resource.resx like I need to call
Lblcompany and get the value which is 'test' in this case?

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Miguel OzSoftware EngineerCommented:
It depends how your web project is using the resx file:
Alternative 1: Add the resource file to WCF project as link.
No change to your project, but you need to remember you are sharing this file among projects

Alternative 2: Create a dll file.
My prefered solution because it clearly identifies where the resources are, but you may have to change your project a lot because the resource is now in a different location.
solution1368Author Commented:
mas_oz2003: I am not very good in code behind part, if you can show me the working codes, that will be great. Thanks
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