X-Copy - program that does the same ?

I run an xcopy statement to copy files from one folder to another on a regular basis, as we grow i need to copy to more and more folders.

xCopy /E/Y D:\SiteCopy\*.* D:\HTTP\EIMMIGRATION\

for each folder i need to make a new line.

Is there a program that has a nice interface that allows me to do the same but instead of writing code i can simply do this inside the program ?

Red-Gate has something similar called 'multi script' which runs an sql into multiple databases at once.
I need to find a program that will copy files from one location to multiple locations whenever i run it or schedule it.

Anyone ?
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Bill PrewCommented:
Here are a couple of my favorite tools for things like this...



Steve KnightIT ConsultancyCommented:
Ok before we get into other ways, if xcopy is working for you what are these locations?  You can run multiple Xcopy at the same time using start, can read from a config file, or script it if you want all dirs from certain place copied etc., e.g.

@echo off
REM Call :copy "window title" "source" "dest"
call :copy "Site1" "D:\sitecopy" "D:\http\eimmigration\"
call :copy "Site2" "D:\sitecopy2" "D:\http\eimmigration2\"
rem etc.
exit /b

  START "%~1" xCopy /E/Y "%~2\*.*" "%~3"
I have used SyncBack many times (2brightsparks.com) and it works well.  I'm not sure it would be any simpler to set up than Xcopy, though.
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