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quick assistant pls, how do i change the default server for netlogon without touching the REGISTRY??
new server is taking over this weekend and i need to get rid of old server and it is the default logon server.
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Sarang TinguriaConnect With a Mentor Sr EngineerCommented:
How we should Configuere DNS on our DC :-->

Every DNS server should Point to its own IP as a primary DNS and DNS located in remote site as a secondary DNS in TCP/IP properties
All the unused NIC's to be disabled
Valid DNS Ip from ISP to be configuered in DNS forwarders Do not configuere local DNS in forwarders
Public DNS IP's Should not be used at any NIC Card except Forwarders
Domain Controllers should not be multi-homed
Running VPN server and RRas server makes the DC multihomed refer http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;272294

If anything above is incorrect please correct it and run "ipconfig /flushdns & ipconfig /registerdns " and restart DNS service using "net stop dns & net start dns"

DNS best practices

Checklist: Deploying DNS for Active Directory
Sarang TinguriaSr EngineerCommented:
Change the DNS setting of client
Perform gracefull removal of old DC
Make sure you have removed the old server from name server tab in DNS console
If DNS configuaration is correct , new DC is healthy, new DC is GC then by default logon will go to new DNS server only

Never checked but You can  use setx utility of windows resource kit  
SETX MyLogonServer NameOfLogonserver
GeekahAuthor Commented:
Could you please explain.
Change teh dns settings?? where and how and what
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Satish AutiConnect With a Mentor Senior System AdministratorCommented:

If you would like to force a domain computer to use specific domain controller while logon use the following command from command prompt

c:\set logonserver="Domain Controller name"
GeekahAuthor Commented:
I would like to set one DC to be the Main logon but still look at the other DC for loggin in if the first one is busy or off or anything.
So far, the PCs keep authenticating to 2 out of the 3 DCs.
One of them is to be decommissioned. and the new one still not being used as a logon it seems but when i tested that c:\set logonserver="Domain Controller name" on it, it did show as the logonserver but i want it to be set automatically.
any thoughts?
GeekahAuthor Commented:
thanks, i followed the document you refered me to<br /><br />all is good :)
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