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We are opening a new office. The office will only have 2 people there. We need to have 2 lines plus a fax line coming into the office. We would like for the office to be able to have a main # with the 2nd # being a roll over #. We will also have a 10mb internet connection from Century Link. Any suggestion on the cheapest way to have the office phones share the 2 incoming phone lines? From talking with Century Link we would have to have a key system in place for this. Any suggestions on a cheap key system for just 2 phones?
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Reid PalmeiraTelecom EngineerCommented:
You have a couple of different options. If you're comfortable with possible reliability issues, there are a number of Hosted VoIP providers that can deliver you IP phones and local phone numbers in your area that will cover your requirements. RingCentral and have some pretty easy solutions for just a couple of phones. That said neither has a really good track record on faxes. If sending and receiving faxes is essential you'll probably want at least one regular POTS (plain old telephone service) line from your local phone company.

And if you're going to go that route anyway, they should be able to set up a few lines into a rotary or rot group that will roll the calls from one number to the other.
You should be able to get the phone service provider to do the rollover for you.  I would also suggest having the Caller ID on the second number be the same as the first number.

There are many 2- and 4-line phone systems out there.  I'd consider a 4-line system so you have room to expand.  The simple ones don't require any sort of centralized box and are fairly inexpensive.
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