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I have 3 publicly facing Windows DNS servers.  On the master DNS server, in the properties of a zone I have configured the 'Zone Transfers' tab to be set to 'Allow Zone transfers only to servers listed in the Name Servers tab'.  In the 'Name Servers' tab, I have the 3 servers listed with the corresponding public IPs.

When I am trying to initiate a 'Transfer from master' from one of the other DNS servers, I receive errors in the windows event log that says, 'the zone transfer was refused by the Master server'.  I'm wondering if it's being refused because the request is coming from the internal IP address of the DNS server and not the public IP?   Which IP (internal or external) is the correct one to enter in for the servers in the 'Name Servers' tab?
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Your name servers tab should have public IPs.

Instead of basing your zone transfers on what is in the name servers tab try specifying the IP addresses (third option).
Sounds like you have hit the nail on the head....

If all of your three servers are routable on your private LAN you may as well use the private addresses for transfers.

If it doesn't work post more info on your network setup.
AManouxAuthor Commented:
But if I change the IP address in the 'Name Servers' tab from public to private, will that cause issues when one of the DNS servers tells the requestor to get the information from the other server. Won't it give out the private IP to the external requestor which won't work?
Dale HarrisProfessional Services EngineerCommented:
It wouldn't hurt to add both the public and private and test to see which works would it?
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