Linux ext3 + EMC storage (powerpath)


I'll have to extend a LUN on a EMC SAN Storage.

After this is going to be done, what steps should I perform in order to extend a ext3 file system on a RedHat Linux machine? LVM is not implemented.

Thanks you!
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Ahmad_BakrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
hi g0all

I think you have the following scenario:-

you have a device file lets say /dev/sdc (I know EMC powerpatth will give it another name but I cannot recall the naming convention right now so lets assume it is /dev/sdc). at the beginning your have created an ext3 file system on the entire LUN, maybe with following command:-

mkfs -t ext3 /dev/sdc

then you have mounted it and stored data on it. Afterwards your decided to expand the LUN, and you did from the EMC then the steps to follow in linux is as follow:-

backup all your data, just in case something bad happens and the resizing fails.

# umount /mountpoint
# e2fsck -f /dev/sdc
# resize2fs /dev/sdc
# mount /mountpoint
and check your data

Another way is to present a complete new LUN from EMC and create LVM with that LUN and then copy the data back to it. LVM is always more favorable than any other tool or raw devices.
Gerwin Jansen, EE MVETopic Advisor Commented:
Hi, not sure about whether this will work but here is a similary story:

I'm not sure whether any data could get lost in the step where the partition is deleted and recreated again, I have no way to test this for you. So be careful if you are going to try (like backin up your machine).
g0allAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately that has nothing to do with m issue... Thanks for your efforts...
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In my above solution your device file should not contain important system files such as the / file system. the steps are for a device file (i.e filesystem) that will not affect linux operation if unmounted from the system.

I hope this is helpfull
g0allAuthor Commented:

Thank you for your kind feedback.

I have important data on that already created ext3 partition. To be more specific it's a oracle db.

I'm not having LVM in this situation.

So normally after LUN extend from the EMC I should umount, fsck, and resize2fs.

That would extend partition at the OS level.

Many thanks!
yes this is steps to be done. In case you would want to expand lets say the / file system then the steps would be the same but it will needed to be carried out using a Rescue CD or a similar tool.

As for your case the data is oracle db, where I am pretty sure that it could be done at the OS. As for having important data on your device file, then I would really take a back up before touching it. And after the expansion I would keep the backup until I get a confirmation from the oracle db that the data is consistent and nothing is lost or corrupted.

g0allAuthor Commented:
Thank you!!!
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