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The company I work for hosts our email in their office in California.  The office I work for is on the East Coast right outside NYC.  We have 298 users on handled by the server.  The users are in 4 offices, 2 in Ca, 1 in DC and 1 her on the East Coast.  We have about 100 of the 296 user.  My Boss asked me today if we could host our own Email server separate from them.  We all have the same domain name, so @companyname.com is shared by all. Is it possible for us to host the email for only our users, and allow them to handle their own users.  I could not definitively answer the question, but my boss, the Vice President of this company wants an answer.  If so we will buy the server and take over hosting email for just over 100 users.  
Please advise if this is possible.
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SeaSenorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can add an exchange server and move those mailboxes to the database on that server.

However trying to completely seperate yourselves from the exchange organization and getting the MX records to seperate from one destination to the other with the same domain name could be an issue.

You may be looking at creating domain names like  nyc.companyname.com and ca.companyname.com

then point mx records accordingly.

this will require some modification of email addresses.
your new email address would be John@nyc.companyname.com
Most modern high-end mail systems support having mailbox servers local to the users.  Basically, mail system has several roles -- host user mail boxes, xfer mail to and from mail boxes, deliver to/receive from the internet.  Basically, it's still one system, it just that some of the server are on the west coast, some are on the east. if set up properly, doing this  provides redundancy as well.

The mail serve we use (Kerio), makes this ridiculously easy; one server on each coast with a sub-set of the user base.  Configure one server so that if a message comes in for a user in  that the receiving server doesn't recognize, automatically send it to the other server.
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