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On an environment of Windows XPs and 2008 server over MPLS network, since last week, we are getting winsock errors on all of our stores.

It gave out an error saying it is requiring a license to use the winsock.
How do I do this? Because of this issue, we cannot transfer the data from the HQ to the stores.

Where can we upgrade the license if that is the case, and how would we do this?

Thank you,
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Michael-BestConnect With a Mentor Commented:
When a WinSock function fails, the resulting error value is the key to why it failed. And knowing why it failed is the key to finding a remedy or work-around.

Repair/Reset Winsock settings
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KVISAuthor Commented:
In Access DB, there was a new field which needed to be filled. It was a data error, but displayed winsock. Sorry for the delay, we finally got hold of the original programmer and he was going to fix it, but left before it was fixed.
Glad to help.
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