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I have a database called 'abc' on server A, which is backed up full then restored to server B overnight so that our developer can utilize the database on server B for testing purpose. Both server A and B are very old, so I need to replace.

Instead of having two SQL servers, I'm thinking of having two instances on new single server. Will two instances give any trouble?
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Peter KipropConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi  crcsupport,

Yes you can have multiple instance running on a single server. Though there is maximum no if instances you have on a single server /PC..

You can have one default and multiple named instance. Just giving server name would allow you to connect to the default and servernameamed_instance would allow you to connect to named instance.

You can have the same database names on each instance and be able to restore from one instance to the other.

Also note Using multiple instances is acceptable if you have enough resources available.

Hope this helps,

Vijaya Reddy Pinnapa ReddyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check the following thread for more infomration for best practices on multiple sql server instances on single server.

crcsupportAuthor Commented:
This link doesn't answer my question. The database name will be the same but on different instances, one for production, one for testing environment.
I want to make sure the two complete database runs on different instances, does't create any problem, conflict.
Jim P.Connect With a Mentor Commented:
That can work.

The issue I would worry about is that a developer damaging/altering/modifying a production database by accident.
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