Cannot receive email through lotus notes /domino server

Hi I am new to lotus notes, cannot receive email through lotus notes and my other users cannot receive too. cannot see any error. But I can send email.

DNS settings are ok. I am joined to domain network.
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skullnobrainsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
telnet to your server from the outside, using the adress that appears in the MX field relative to your domain.

-> no mx field
dns setup is wrong and it will never work

-> no answer from server
check for a firewall issue, probably a problem in the port translation setup

-> answer
then you need to actually send a test email (HELO stuff , MAIL FROM: somebody , .... google it or ask me if you do not know the commands) but the answer should be pretty obvious

-> answer and i can send the mail
thebn you need to check the queues in the domino server and possibly the lotus-domino connections, but this probably does not apply, as you would have seen errors already

please if you need more help, explain clearly what you tested and copy-paste any error message you encountered
chrishongAuthor Commented:
ports 25,110,143 are all open,firewall is disabled.antivirus disabled
You the network admin?

Can you ping the server from a workstation?

Can you telnet into the server SMTP port?
(Use q command-line option to set telnet to use port 25)
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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
And what happens when you send yourself a mail from the outside (e.g. from Gmail)?

It could just be that the SMTP task wasn't started. Check if it's running, using the Admin client, and if it isn't start it (on the console: Load SMTP). If it wasn't active but should be when the server is restarted, make sure you have SMTP listener task:      Enabled in the Server document.
Hi there Cris,,,

I really need some claifications about your question ... You are not able to receive any emails ??? even from inside your company or just exernal emails .

Did you check & ?

Can you check the following :

- Servers documents
- Configuration Documents
- Connection Douments
And you can refer to this URL for more information about the above lists things

Best Wishes
Hi Cris

Are you an admin or a enduser ?
did you mean you are not able to receive from external domains... and internally you are able to receive.

if yes then check router task on server.. check if emails are held there.. are you able to "telnet <your domain> 25" from outside. check your MX settings are correct...
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
@Chrishong: some interaction would be appreciated...
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