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Repatition Server Volume Space

I have one server configuration as below,Now my system having problem due to the System Volume no sufficient space .We are thinking use our Data volume to repartition our system volume.Please guide me ,how to perform this job.

OS:Window 2003
System:40GB (40GB x 2HDD/Mirror)
Data:160GB(40GB x 5HDD/RAID5)
1 Solution
40 GB is much, much more than sufficient for Windows 2003. Follow leew's instructions from the Link below to free up your C:\ partition and check how it should properly be managed. Leew is on of EE's top experts:

Hi there warriorsTeah,,,

What I want to mention over here is

OS:Window 2003 ( If it is a 32-bit make sure to have SP2 installed because Win2k3 SP1 is not supported by MS any more )

System:40GB (40GB x 2HDD/Mirror) ( I think it is OK for Lotus Domino ,,, Personally, I assign  40-50 GB to the  C: drive . Moreover, Mirror is recommended by IBM and other experts )
Data:160GB(40GB x 5HDD/RAID5) (This depends on the amount of data you have and the sizes of the Mail databases , so make sure to keep all databases sizes under monitoring )

You can also refer to this URL for some more details about the best pratices recommended by IBM

Finally, I just would recommend connecting a third party SAN Storage cards etc. if possible which could provide you with some extra free space if needed .

Best  Whishe
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
As your drives are seen as separate HDDs in Windows Disk Management you cannot repartitions them. Free up space on C: by moving some data to D: this is the best way out here.
warriorsTeahAuthor Commented:
My question is how to repartition for the server
Let said i have
C drive:40GB (RAID1)
D drive:160GB(RAID5)
How to resize to the capcity below without data lost
C drive:80GB
D drive:120GB
As I mentioned earlier, 40GB is far more than enough space for a server 2003 system partition. There is absolutely no need to change that size. Just follow the instructions I posted in the link earlier on to manage your space properly.

Apart from that as noxcho posted, you can't repartition your system, you have 1 RAID 1 for your System and 1 RAID 5 for the data. The 2 different array types alone mean you can't increase the the size of C, as that is a separate drive for windows. It's like having a 40 GB actual hard-drive. That drive just has that space available on it. Not more. You would have to replace the drive itself with a larger one in order to get more space available.

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