photos taking up more then half the storage space on my ipad

Hi I have an ipad 3 (still getting used of using it since I am a PC person) but one thing I cant seem to find out is why my photos are taking up so much storage space (according to itunes).

Itunes says I have 8.1 GB of photos saved, however If I go into my ipad and click photos it says I only have 110 photos saved. So how can I find the rest of them to free up some space? I have a few videos I would like to put on my ipad but can not do so due to not having enough space available.

Any ideas on a solution?
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Did you check photo stream as well?  It's separate under photos and could have a large number of photos syncing from your other devices in icloud.

110 photos wouldn't be near 8.2 GB as even on an HD Ipad you would expect about 2.5 mb per photo.
hydrive1902Author Commented:
the problem is some videos were detected as photos for some reason, thanks for the help tho!
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