Group Policy and installing software

My AD environment is very messy and needs to be cleaned up.
I have a few Group Policies setup to install certain software to specific OU's.
If I move the objects (users or computers) from that OU will the software be uninstalled from their machines?

or to ask it another way;

I want to install software via group policy to a group of 50 users.  These users sit in an OU that contains 150 users.  I want to make sure only these 50 people get the software.
I also want to make sure that these 50 users stay in this OU.  Can i move these users to an OU that has the software installation policy setup.  Then after a set time period move them back to their original OU and they keep the software or will it uninstall from their machines since they are no longer in the OU that has the software install policy.

or is their a better way to accomplish this?
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What you are desiring to do will work if you DO NOT check the option "Uninstall this application when it fall out of scope of management." when setting up the software distribution.
Radhakrishnan RSenior Technical LeadCommented:

Once the software has been installed on a machine it won't get uninstall if you move to different OU.

Have a look at this article which details the steps
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