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Why using the router between gateway and ISProuter

I have a question, which hung over my head for long time, and I’v never got the answer for it yet. Any suggestions for it would be appreciated. The physical connection is like this :  server-------Router1--------Router2---------ISProuter(internet)
Router1 inside ip address is Router1 outside ip address is, its gateway is pointed at ISProuter202.11.11.1. The Router1 is also wireless router. So, the Router2 functions just like a cable connecting Router1 with ISProuter. The password of router2 is lost. I just want to know why that previous IT guy use the Router2 there ? The Router2 can be taken away ?
3 Solutions
Check the connections on Router2 carefully.  Is the cable that connects Router2 to the ISPRouter plugged into Router2's *WAN* port?  If not, and it is plugged into one of the LAN ports, then Router2 was simple acting as a switch, not a router.  You can probably simply move the cable from Router1 directly to the ISPRouter, unless there's an issue requiring a cross-over cable or some such.
Sometimes a wireless router is added just to be a wireless access point and the DHCP, etc... is disabled.

it's possible this IT guy decided to use router 1 as the full fledged router because he couldn't access router 2 and didn't want to mess anything up.

Either way, assuming you have the settings for the WAN port of your router (router 1 in this case), you should be able to remove router 2, config the WAN port of router 1 appropriately, and be fine.
When I install a router behind a ISP Router / DSL Modem I change the config on the ISP Modem from Router to Bridge only. Then I change the WAN settings from Router 2 to PPPoE and set the PPPoE Username and PW there. Many ISPs have just simple routers with a basic firewall and I prefer a router with real firewall and Gateway antivirus etc.

So, maybe your ISPs router could be in bridge mode and removing router 2 could break the internet connection.
davidy2001Author Commented:
Thank all of you for the reply. Here is additional info: The router1 is wireless router and the Router2 is IAD 2400. I am curious about how it can be configured as working like a cable connecting Router1 with Router2.
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