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Virtual Memory
I have a SBS2011 server with 16GB RAM (12GB free after loading OS) and 200GB HD OS (164GB Free) partition.
When I checked Virtual Memory, as seen above, currently 16GB is allocated even though 24GB is recommended. Is it necessary to set it to recommended size? If so, why?

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Norm DickinsonGuruCommented:
With that setting checked the system will dynamically allocate more space as needed. The recommended settings are for when you manually set numbers for the size of the swap file.
WORKS2011Austin Tech CompanyCommented:
Is it necessary to set it to recommended size?

No, the server will adjust the size as needed, being a new server I expect you'll see this increase as you add more resources there's no need to do anything manually. Often the only time a paging file is manually adjusted would be to move to another partition to save space and help with server performance, because your server installation is new I recommend you allow the server to manage.
sgleeAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your advise.
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
I normally set the paging file manually to the recommended size, this way the paging file is contiguous and this reduces the number of seeks across the hard drive. (I want to keep this heavily used file non-fragmented)
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