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Can you utilise always on availability group feature in SQL 2012 Enterprise if you have 2 instances installed on windows 2008 R2 server standard? I am trying to use the secondary read only databases for reporting services and BI and was wondering if we need to implement windows server clustering to get this functionality, even though the clustering will not be used in our environment. Thanks
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Rich WeisslerProfessional Troublemaker^h^h^h^h^hshooterCommented:
SQL 2012 AlwaysOn Availability Groups requires that each server have Windows Failover Cluster installed.  I've read articles on how to get past the shared storage requirement while installing on Windows 2008 R2, but that feature (Failover Cluster) simply isn't available in Windows 2008 R2 Standard Edition.  To make use of AlwaysOn Availability Groups in SQL 2012, running Windows 2008 R2, you need the Enterprise or DataCenter version of the operating system.

(There are two technologies which both come under the heading of AlwaysOn - and both require Windows Failover Clusters... in the next version of Windows Server (2012), the requirements to build a cluster are relaxed somewhat.  I can't say for certain which version of Windows Server 2012 you'd need.)
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