Cisco 1700 Router - Changing DNS for External IP - How?

I need to change the WAN DNS IP of a Cisco 1700 and Can someone please give me the step by step on changing the routers external DNS IP?
Larrymey HawkinsAsked:
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tomcahillConnect With a Mentor Commented:
log in to the router.
type en and hit enter, then put it in the password.
type sh run and hit enter until that is done displaying.
scroll up and find the line that says ip name-server ......
type config t and hit enter
then type no ip name-server ....
(replace .... with the ip)
then type ip name-server ....
(replace ... with the new DNS server ip)
hit ctrl z
do another sh run and make sure the right ip is listed for the name server.
if it is type write mem and then type exit.
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