Why file attachment doesn't forwarded in Outlook client rule?

This is using MS Exchange 2007 server. Using MS Outlook 2010, I create a client rule to forward all the incoming for a user to another internal mailbox. I chosen to forward these incoming emails as attachment and forward to the another designated mailbox.

However, if the incoming email is without any file attachment, the email forwarded (as attachment) successfully. If the incoming email is with file attachment with irregard of the file size, this file wasn't forwarded within the attachment. Any thing wrong with my client rule?

Thanks in advance.
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Burns2007Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hmm this should work perfectly. I've tested the exact same configuration successfully, creating the rule through both outlook and OWA.
MezzutOzilAuthor Commented:
Please see the setup as follows:

 1. Browse to the owa URL, logon username and password
 2. On top right, search and click "Options..."
 3. On the new page, on left side, click "Rules..."
 4. Choose to create new rule..., see the setup as follows:

      Apply this rule after the message arrives
      forward it to abc@def.com as an attachment
5. Click Ok, save and log off

This is how the rule setup looks like.
MezzutOzilAuthor Commented:
That was a silly mistake, at first it wasn't worked as  I am using wireless connection that is pretty slow and sluggish. After changed to use LAN connection, it works
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